Monday, November 24, 2008

Filigree - how did I do it?

Sterling silver filigree....

Freeform hearts in sterling filigree. I am not good enough yet, let me make a few hundred... LOL!!!

This is it...

Tools, wire....!

Lets see: This is sterling silver:

The wire is a standard filigree wire.

I use a couple of common pliers to bend them.

So. Put the nice little roumded wires into the frame... and solder it.

Make jumprings, cut them, and... swirl! ...roll, bend....

Sorry! It should not be legal to take photos indoors wintertime!!!

Its not possible for me to make two of them the same11 I am out of my mind. On number two I loose my concentration...

So the roses. I bend a flat wire on a homemade jig.

Thats it. sorry for norwegian... but a picture tells it all.

Then: Polish, ppolish, polish.. oxide, polish...

A few of Auds beads. She did not agree with me whan I shopped them... I did :-)))

Have a nice day! *Trollsmed working* .


  1. dette var da både funny, interesting og cool trollkjærring - spesielt likte jeg det med røde perler - skikkelig varmblodig :-)
    valmuen vinker og hilser