Friday, December 24, 2010

Should not anyone ring bells for christmas soon?

I think... it has been running since october

that christmas.

I have done my best.

I ring and ring...


I ring ring ring and have sent a lot of rings to Lillestrøm to a show.

A hairdresser and gallery wall called Topp og tå!

The rings are there, waiting to be found...

The old fashiond girls

they did not have any legs

They only had their dresses long

and loved a single one...

And they sat there.. waited to be found.


Its a bit difficult to take photos of a RING RING... but I used the bunadsølv KARRE`s... a kind of filigree handmade finding. Difficult word!


You know.. the button things, the top that look like a flower.

I RINGED them...? you really need those explanations?

I just made rings.

I made the beads too... from glass. Melted glass on a flame and made..beads.

Half holed.

WHAT the heck is a half hole?????

Difficult again. The bead is on a stick...


Like summer? OK, I really need it, I hate winters!


Summer only only summer...


Well, its christmas. DONT FORGET: You only need ONE tree a family! MORE than enough!


OR a ring. A christmas ring. a... wreth... OK :-)) I see..

Solistice is over, we wait for summer again...




I do not understand why they call these miracle rings....

Have a nice christmas, all of you!

ring ring....


And remember to love one another... ALL the time!

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Fredagsfavoritter på Epla Friday at Epla!

Our Norwegian "Etsy" shops is called Epla... "Apple".

Here is my favourites for this friday:

A concrete platter for lights outside:

An intelligent platter


OH yes: THIS one:
I really recognize that one...

Aand we have a really reaaaaallly ice cold weather by now:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Its no secret I`m in love with porcelain....

Porcelain love..

Seeds to Earth... porcelain is clay....

It happened 4 years ago.. as I was looking for color. And other forms than round beads.
AND hearts.
The leaves here are pressed from leaves from the Norwegian mountains.

I found the wonderful Beads of Clay group a year later... and WHAT a wonderful gang of creative people.... I love them!
Visit the blog! Visit the website!

Its linked to the right here! ----- >

I admit, I am a great fan of Joan Miller.. she is so playful, technical super, and she has a wonderful humor.
Marla has a great site for those who want to colour their own porcelain beads...
Its called biscuebeadsupply. This is how my beads are stored.. except from those in my shops. But many of these are for sail, just mail me and as..
THIS... is procelain for scrappers. Colour it the way you want..

I cannot say thank you enough to the inspiration group - Humor, love for cmud - ... THATs inspirational!

I also use porcelain in my paintings...

Porcelain is a solid and wonderful material for jewellry. Its heavy, it has a great sound.. and colours!

OK, porcelain is white...
and I love my cute little sunday angels. I sell them as beads or in a leather cord. Each of them are handmade.

Here is some of my porcelain stuff.... inspirational.. may be. I also make my own silver as I am educated a silversmith.

Hm.. did I say colours...
this one

This is rough porcelain beads and silver and leather.

Ok, I have a webshop at go for Smykkebiter for smykkelagere.. all items can be moved to Etsy.

You can browse my Facebook page
there is always my new stuff.

Monday, September 6, 2010

My goddess jewellry

I think I need to blog my goddesses :-) They look so cute in a picture...


Loads of beads!


Lampwork, glass on open fire




Hi, nice butt, boys...????


In fact, I can make YOUR goddess, just ask...


Goddesses are super friendship presents.

Mail me and ask


Image closer...


Follow my Piece a day in Facebook Trollsmed fan page, there is my newest stuff!



You can find them in my webshops at Etsy

Monday, August 16, 2010

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that....

Just a few images from A piece a day...

Handmade porcelain earrings
Just a few images from A piece a day...

Handmade lampwork and sterling silver - LOVE that colour!
And I copied some viking beads
here....with hammered black sterling silver.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A piece of jewellry a day

Did you know that Trollsmed is posting ONE PIECE OF JEWELLRY A DAY at her fansite at Facebook?

Become a fan! Like :-)
Here is a few!

Trollsmed got a couple of webshops:

At ETSY you can shop at
and Trollsmedshop at Etsy

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trollscrap, porcelain for scrapping

Now you know.... its new.
Look in the Norwegian Magazine Et Trykk for june 2010.

Porcelain scrapping!
Thin, high fired porcelain!
The scrapwork here is done by Marit O
Her blog is at

Use them on boxes, cards, pictures, use any colours and glues and laquer you want for your own effects!
These pieces are too thin for jewellry! They are for scrapping!
Trollscrap is copyright Lise Nilsen. Do NOT copy according to Norwegian law.

You will find it at (look for Catalogue Porselen for scrapping) has a lot of pieces too. thats a shop I run with a friend.

Also see and follow Lises blog for inspirasjon og bilder.

To you that order my Trollscrap... send me a picture in mail of your use of Trollscrap! I need to think a way of a competition to win more Trollscrap!
....have fun!
Regards Trollsmed


Friday, February 19, 2010

100 hearts.

I got an idea. Make 100 hearts. I did.

Lots of blues... may be because I started glazing in the middle of the night after a girl party..

OK, I made aq few more than 100..

And thanks to BOC and Joan Miller I manage to make bright red hearts!

Violet and pink is still a small problem

And black became many colours..

Happy hearts

I always make too few orange and brownish...

Green is great

Find yours! I have found mine!

Opening the kiln is just like an easter egg..


DET var en hjertelig påske det :-)

Hey - I forgot to make yellow ones!