Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finally... we tell.. what`s up... :-)

We have been working hard... and NOW we tell... 
Norwegian silversmiths joined in a team - at Epla!

All the cryptic messages at my Trollsmed page and my wall..  here it is:
A few of us - all silversmiths - are opeing our silversmit shop at Epla.
Yesterday we opened our blog and our Facebook page. FOLLOW US!
Our shop will come here:

Here is our blog   - remember to join and follow.

This is one of Hannes beautiful pieces

Our PAGE at  Facebook, nopened yesterday, remember to press LIKE and share!

This is fun! Sterling silver and Porcelain.
We all have an education and know our materials. We make jewellry from hundreds of small tiny handmade pieces of metal... traditional Norwegian style, or other professioal silversmithing methods.
Follow us!

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