Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trollscrap, porcelain for scrapping

Now you know.... its new.
Look in the Norwegian Magazine Et Trykk for june 2010.

Porcelain scrapping!
Thin, high fired porcelain!
The scrapwork here is done by Marit O
Her blog is at

Use them on boxes, cards, pictures, use any colours and glues and laquer you want for your own effects!
These pieces are too thin for jewellry! They are for scrapping!
Trollscrap is copyright Lise Nilsen. Do NOT copy according to Norwegian law.

You will find it at

http://www.trollsmed.com (look for Catalogue Porselen for scrapping)

http://epla.no/shops/kreativtsnop/ has a lot of pieces too. thats a shop I run with a friend.

Also see and follow Lises blog

http://snurremegrundt.vgb.no for inspirasjon og bilder.

To you that order my Trollscrap... send me a picture in mail of your use of Trollscrap! I need to think a way of a competition to win more Trollscrap!
....have fun!
Regards Trollsmed