Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finally... we tell.. what`s up... :-)

We have been working hard... and NOW we tell... 
Norwegian silversmiths joined in a team - at Epla!

All the cryptic messages at my Trollsmed page and my wall..  here it is:
A few of us - all silversmiths - are opeing our silversmit shop at Epla.
Yesterday we opened our blog and our Facebook page. FOLLOW US!
Our shop will come here:

Here is our blog   - remember to join and follow.

This is one of Hannes beautiful pieces

Our PAGE at  Facebook, nopened yesterday, remember to press LIKE and share!

This is fun! Sterling silver and Porcelain.
We all have an education and know our materials. We make jewellry from hundreds of small tiny handmade pieces of metal... traditional Norwegian style, or other professioal silversmithing methods.
Follow us!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My favourite collected beads..

For years and years I have been shopping and collecting.. YOU`re right.. BEADS!
I found that I would make bracelets from a few of them.. a mix of evrything.
I call them GAIA-bracelets.

I have seen people now wear the Morten harket style.. lots of leather and bracelets around the wrist.
OK,. I make  lot of these beads myself. You can find them in my beadshop at etsy
Finished bracelets at my EPLA shop, I will gladely pull them over to my Etsy jewellry shop
I love beads, when I go for holiday, I shop beads, necklaces, just to take them apart when I`m back home.
I have also been to Denmark to learn how to make recycled glass beads. NOW I buy them from Africa instead, I love to support giving them a job. Instead I use my torch to lampwork bottles... It makes wonderful beads!
Springtime I make bigger beads.. from hazel.. LOL:  Birds love them in winter, they are filled with food, and birds can hide when we pass by.
JI love rustic beads. Rough clay, porcelain clay beads with a surface.

And I go mad at holiday when I find a shop like this...
I should have had that box......
 .. Marrakech 2011.

Hera are whats in my bracelets....
I give away for free a leather bracelet when you buy one of these.

I have used bronze for the clasp, that makes beautiful fingers... LOL.. silversmithing is a dirty job, but someones gotta do it.

This is Gaia!
Take care of her, she is the most beautiful bead we got!

http:&& I got shops at Etsy and Epla, and my own. They are all linked from blogs.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Juleforberedelsene er i full gang på Eplemarkedet

Vi har vasket veggene og golvet og ryddet i hyllene og englene syns det ble så fint, at de har begynt å komme inn i Eplabutikken!

Velkommen inn du også!
Vi har flotte håndlagde julegaver, og i år blir det MYE kunst i en rimelig prisklasse... Husk, kunst er julegaven som varer evig!

Ja... og kanskje noen engler også kommer til nye hjem?


Monday, May 9, 2011

Dragon! Lampwork - Dragon beads ...

I made some dragons. OK - they just jumped out of my fire som I guess I saved them from the heat.....

- OR they were ..... fired???
Actually they were so fun to make that I made a lot. A few of them will fly to a gallery close to me, but I also wil put some into my ETSY bead shop in a few days... i did not manage to take photos, out fo battery. And the dragons would not lit my camera! BAAAH!

But try my Epla shop
They came out quite cute, and I made many sized and colours. The leaf is one of my porcelain handmade ones...

This is a tiny red one..

And this is a real cutepie :-)

At Epla!
Follow my and follow my Etsy shop, I got lots of stuff to fill in, its just a matter of time.

Hazel - and its bigger than the tyres of my car!....
We suddenly got a few days of summer in Norway... and I love to make these as well - IN the forest!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hey - lets dress up with some cute food!


come on.. just a tiny little.....


No poison, no synthetic colour, just try....
Nice.. MMMMMM....


Not to be compared with Lady Gaga... I dont think she looks too happy in her food dress....


...mumbling, .. I`m a veggie - dont wanna think about it...

But, cute dressing with food???


They ARE cute?????

JUST kiddin`!!!!


Og course, I have been lampworking again...

I guess some of them will go to My Etsy shop, others to

And a dusin has left as a gift

She is just so creative and..she makes lots of cupcakes!

I did not really understand this CUPCAKE thing rolling along everywhere... but NOW I know..

They are just TOOO fun to make!!!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Working with my small folks :-)

How can soooo small people make such a lot of work???

Well, I have med two adoption offices for the small folks. Do they call them shops???
Sure, I got an idea, and NOW i make myself a lot of work!
But I love them so much !!!!

I am writing on the stories, but I guess the translation will be a problem... that time, that... (what is it called.. a challenge?)

One shop is at Epla, in Norwegian,

that opened three weeks ago, and today I finished a shop at Etsy.

Hopefully me small folks will get nice homes and humans that love them!

I also finished some LUCKY DROPS in boro glass.
I string them on recycled sari, soft and wonderful, and they can be tied in the neck.


Oh how I hate dark winter light... taking photos in the dark winter from glass and silver is a ... mess!

Fan my offices, and share them :-) Hopefully you will meed one of your own small folks there too :-)))))

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The fairy tears

Lampwork, melting glass...

They think the Trollsmed is saving for a rainbow...

Hey, I found a new folk...