Friday, October 22, 2010

Its no secret I`m in love with porcelain....

Porcelain love..

Seeds to Earth... porcelain is clay....

It happened 4 years ago.. as I was looking for color. And other forms than round beads.
AND hearts.
The leaves here are pressed from leaves from the Norwegian mountains.

I found the wonderful Beads of Clay group a year later... and WHAT a wonderful gang of creative people.... I love them!
Visit the blog! Visit the website!

Its linked to the right here! ----- >

I admit, I am a great fan of Joan Miller.. she is so playful, technical super, and she has a wonderful humor.
Marla has a great site for those who want to colour their own porcelain beads...
Its called biscuebeadsupply. This is how my beads are stored.. except from those in my shops. But many of these are for sail, just mail me and as..
THIS... is procelain for scrappers. Colour it the way you want..

I cannot say thank you enough to the inspiration group - Humor, love for cmud - ... THATs inspirational!

I also use porcelain in my paintings...

Porcelain is a solid and wonderful material for jewellry. Its heavy, it has a great sound.. and colours!

OK, porcelain is white...
and I love my cute little sunday angels. I sell them as beads or in a leather cord. Each of them are handmade.

Here is some of my porcelain stuff.... inspirational.. may be. I also make my own silver as I am educated a silversmith.

Hm.. did I say colours...
this one

This is rough porcelain beads and silver and leather.

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