Saturday, February 5, 2011

Working with my small folks :-)

How can soooo small people make such a lot of work???

Well, I have med two adoption offices for the small folks. Do they call them shops???
Sure, I got an idea, and NOW i make myself a lot of work!
But I love them so much !!!!

I am writing on the stories, but I guess the translation will be a problem... that time, that... (what is it called.. a challenge?)

One shop is at Epla, in Norwegian,

that opened three weeks ago, and today I finished a shop at Etsy.

Hopefully me small folks will get nice homes and humans that love them!

I also finished some LUCKY DROPS in boro glass.
I string them on recycled sari, soft and wonderful, and they can be tied in the neck.


Oh how I hate dark winter light... taking photos in the dark winter from glass and silver is a ... mess!

Fan my offices, and share them :-) Hopefully you will meed one of your own small folks there too :-)))))