Sunday, March 31, 2013

How can a bead change to a piece of jewellry?

So? Wire? Yes, sterling siver wire. With a flat, round or hammered end, or patterned finding.
And not just a wire... it depends on the size of the bead, the hole, the weight of the bead... 
or how I want it to look like. 
I mainly use my own headpins, made from wire, tumbled and polished.
Heavy goddesses 4-5 cm need a realy heavy headpin.
 They are often supported by a beadcap or a bead to protect the hole and the bead. And of course, as a decoration.
The same is with the long 7cm longbeads.. heavy pin more than 8cm and patterned to be hard. Oh really, I have not seen as big headpins as those for sale. Silk from Marsha, and a silverplated chain.
So, here are 20mm and 10 mm beads, my handmade lampwork.

And for those of you travelling to Hardanger in Norway this summer as tourist:
I made the Hardanger Bead  with lampwork technique, with sterling silver.
Hang on, spring is coming! We still have ice and snow!

Welcome to the blooming season in May!
And to Maulo, central in Øystese.

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