Sunday, November 16, 2008

Red is great! Look what I got on my table...!

A tiny bead from the sun through the grey winter fog....

And I have attacked my red porcelain beads.. finally I made it!! Red glaze is not easy.

Dancing in Red... handmade porcelain, handmade sterling filigree ....

... dancing in red around the arm as well!

I love the handmade african beads from recycled glass. I buy them direct...

And with a little bit of handmade sterling, here I made a lariat...

One more... I am not sure wheter I am happy with it or not...

Red, more red... enough now Lise...

OH no... MORE red.

I need to take a few phtos from these - worn. They look bigger than they really are.

MORE red??? A handmade porcelain heart on a finised seedbead necklace. it came out great!


Ah... ! Melted sterling, handmade porcelain and some coral

Its not possible to make it more red!!! :-)

*taking herself serious...*


LI coloured some porcelain and made some clasps. A bit of blue as well. GREAT!

Happy weekend.

I just need to give you a photo from Rome!

Red is grat energy! :-)

And: I am working on my new webshop. I also should have updated my etsy shop.

NOTHING there...

PUH, too much work. I want to make nice things, not computerwork.

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