Monday, May 9, 2011

Dragon! Lampwork - Dragon beads ...

I made some dragons. OK - they just jumped out of my fire som I guess I saved them from the heat.....

- OR they were ..... fired???
Actually they were so fun to make that I made a lot. A few of them will fly to a gallery close to me, but I also wil put some into my ETSY bead shop in a few days... i did not manage to take photos, out fo battery. And the dragons would not lit my camera! BAAAH!

But try my Epla shop
They came out quite cute, and I made many sized and colours. The leaf is one of my porcelain handmade ones...

This is a tiny red one..

And this is a real cutepie :-)

At Epla!
Follow my and follow my Etsy shop, I got lots of stuff to fill in, its just a matter of time.

Hazel - and its bigger than the tyres of my car!....
We suddenly got a few days of summer in Norway... and I love to make these as well - IN the forest!

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