Saturday, December 10, 2011

My favourite collected beads..

For years and years I have been shopping and collecting.. YOU`re right.. BEADS!
I found that I would make bracelets from a few of them.. a mix of evrything.
I call them GAIA-bracelets.

I have seen people now wear the Morten harket style.. lots of leather and bracelets around the wrist.
OK,. I make  lot of these beads myself. You can find them in my beadshop at etsy
Finished bracelets at my EPLA shop, I will gladely pull them over to my Etsy jewellry shop
I love beads, when I go for holiday, I shop beads, necklaces, just to take them apart when I`m back home.
I have also been to Denmark to learn how to make recycled glass beads. NOW I buy them from Africa instead, I love to support giving them a job. Instead I use my torch to lampwork bottles... It makes wonderful beads!
Springtime I make bigger beads.. from hazel.. LOL:  Birds love them in winter, they are filled with food, and birds can hide when we pass by.
JI love rustic beads. Rough clay, porcelain clay beads with a surface.

And I go mad at holiday when I find a shop like this...
I should have had that box......
 .. Marrakech 2011.

Hera are whats in my bracelets....
I give away for free a leather bracelet when you buy one of these.

I have used bronze for the clasp, that makes beautiful fingers... LOL.. silversmithing is a dirty job, but someones gotta do it.

This is Gaia!
Take care of her, she is the most beautiful bead we got!

http:&& I got shops at Etsy and Epla, and my own. They are all linked from blogs.

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